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About First Link®

First Link® is a program of the Alzheimer Society that connects people living with dementia and their care partners to the information, supports and services they need as early as possible and throughout the progression of the condition.

Many families are told about the Alzheimer Society and dementia care services but will not make the call until a crisis occurs. First Link® helps to remove this barrier by enabling physicians, other health care providers and community service providers to directly refer individuals and families at the time of diagnosis or as soon as possible after a diagnosis is made.

Healthcare Partner Referrals Connect People to First Link® FASTER

A study has shown that people who were referred directly to First Link® by healthcare professionals (direct referrals) received services and supports 11 months sooner than clients who accessed the services themselves (self-directed referrals).

McAiney CA, Hillier LM, Stolee P, Harvey D, Michael J. ‘Throwing a lifeline’: the role of First Link® in enhancing support for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Neurodegen. Dis. Manage. 2 (6), 623-638 (2012)


If you have questions about making a referral, want to know more about First Link®, would like to request brochures and materials, or any other questions, please contact:

Christina Stergiou-Dayment
Program Director, First Link®

First Link® Provides You:

  • A simple referral system – for the person with dementia and/or the care partner
  • Patient support between clinical visits
  • Ability to focus on medical management
  • Fewer office visits related to preventable issues
  • Knowledge that patients are connected to the supports they need


First Link® Provides Your Patients:

  • Ongoing access to learning, support and services
  • System navigation
  • Increased knowledge and confidence to live well with dementia
  • Better health and quality of life outcomes
  • Decreased care partner stress, burnout and health complications
  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Potential ability to live safely at home longer
  • Fewer and less intense crises

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